Winter Getaway 28/01/17 to 14/02/17


gday all,

my name is Nicolas from Australia. i have booked the winter getaway 18 day trip leaving on the 28 jan, just wanted to see if anyone has or is going to book it.

hope to hear from you all. cant wait for this tour to being! such a long wait ATM!!!


Hey! My name is ash and I’m on this trip too!
I’m from Perth :slight_smile:
I’m so excited I don’t think I can wait until January :joy:


haha thats amazing im glad another aussie is going haha are you spending any extra time over there or just the tour?


Yeah! I’m leaving on the 23rd and spending a few days in Paris then I’m joining the tour from there rather than London! At the end I’ll be in London for a few days as well :slight_smile: how about you??


I’m leaving on the 23th as well but I’m spending the extra time in London :smile: and I stay an extra day on the end off the tour as well. Have you done a tour with this company yet?


No I haven’t! I can’t wait :yum: Have you? Are you going alone?


I haven’t been overseas so this is my first time! So excited and worried haha I think the plane ride is going to be the death of me haha who are you flying with?
yer I’m going alone are you?


Oh wow that’s so exciting! I’m going alone too and am also dreading the plane haha I’m flying with Emirates you?


I was meant to travel with them but at the last moment we got a good deal with Singapore airlines


Hey I’m Bridget,

I am also going on the same trip aswell, first time in Europe can’t wait!


Hey Bridget!
Great to hear from another person on the trip! I’m getting so excited :yum: Are you going alone?


Hey Bridget!

Glad to hear your coming! It be my first time in Europe as well! Can’t wait!


Hi Guys, I’m Amanda, going on the same trip.I’m an aussie from perth as well.