Winter Getaway 27nov-14 Dec


Hey all, [br] I’m taking the winter getaway on the 27 of November till the 14 of December, I’ll be at the globetrotters inn the night before if any one wants to have a look around the place maybe start the party a little early hehe let me know. I cant wait for the tour to begin. BTW anyone with any advice on the tour can give me on anything would be excellent [br][br]Thanks


hey billy,[br][br]il be at the globetrotter inn on the 26th aswell so yup def keen to get the party started :slight_smile: [br][br]do we need to take sleeping bags? in my pre-departure pack it doesnt say i need to! but i saw your other post, so am a little confused![br][br][br][br]- Winter Getaway Nov 27th 2008


Hey [br][br]I’m doing a later winter getaway, but I found this topic (advice from someone who’d just gotten back from a getaway tour) pretty helpful: [br][br][br][br][br][br]Cynthia[br]European Getaway 16th Dec


Hey Carlah, Wintergirl,[br]Yea I read that post was helpful, I am taking a sleeping bag as we are over there in winter and i was looking at some of the temps for Germany and Amsterdam and they were cold i mean really cold. I picked up a back pack and sleeping bag and a space saver towel I’m gonna be traveling pretty light to begin with as well I’m a keen shopper so … don’t wanna have to limit myself too much hehe. One of my mates is going to London to live so ill get him to come show me round a bit that night as well.[br][br][br]-Winter Getaway 27th November.[br][br]So Damn Excited!!!


Holy crap only 33 days to go … i cant wait the excitement is like going crazy , im telling everyone about it. [br][br]HEHE i gots the travel gitterzzz


Hey, I’ll be at the Globetrotter Inn on the 26th and I’ll be up for having a few drinks the night before :)[br][br]I grabbed a cheap sleeping back from the Army Surplus store in Perth just in case. It’s only 800grams and rolls up to the size of a football :slight_smile:


yeahhh i leave in 2weeks yahhooo :smiley: i took your advice an bought a sleeping bag i dont do well in cold climates lol bought one frm an aussie company gogogear? hope its a good one and fingers cross it gets thru customs before i leave![br][br]- Winter Getaway Nov 27th 2008


Hey guys, I am on booked on this tour as well, and will be at Globetrotters the night before. Really looking forward to meeting you all! [br][br]I still have to get a sleeping bag, I want a really small one, so I’m thinking of getting one of the Roman Palm series - I just don’t know what warmth rating to get, considering we’ll just be using them inside. [br][br]So where is everyone from? I live in Brisbane. [br][br]Nina[br][br]Winter Getaway - 27th November - 14th December 2008


Globetrotter have a happy hour in the bar downstairs from 5 to 7pm so I’ll be there starting from then.[br][br]I’ve already stayed been there for a few days last week and it’s not a bad place. It seemed clean and cosy kinda place and I didn’t have any issues, it’s not too far from the tube and tesco’s as well.[br][br]


I’m a C’Town boy from Sydney AUS. Just look for the tallest party boy in the place good chance its gonna be me. 6"5 or 197cm hehe. Im going crazy for this to begin. work days going so slow and boring compared to normal but in two weeks from today ill be on my flight woooooooot!! hehe. [br][br][br]Winter Getaway - 27th November


Well to find me, just look for the shortest person in the place - I’m only 5"2…[br]I’m still doing uni exams, so I’ve been trying to concentrate on those, but it’s so hard when all I want to do is plan my trip![br][br]Winter Getaway - 27th November - 14th December 2008


Hello there guys, I am on this tour too, and will be staying at Globetrotters the night before, so guess I will see you in the bar. [br][br]I wasn’t too sure about the sleeping bag issue, I might just bring my summer one, just in case. [br][br]I am really excited, only a week and a bit to go… Can’t wait to meet everyone. [br][br]Vicky[br][br]Winter Getaway 27th Nov :slight_smile: