Winter Getaway 26 Nov


Hey ive just booked my topdeck trip, just wondering if anyone else is going on this one.
Am very excited :slight_smile:


Hi Jacinta,

I am booked for the 26th as well :slight_smile: Can’t wait to get over there!


Hey :slight_smile:

Going on this trip Solo, hope theres other solos going to :slight_smile: Cant wait :smiley:
Danielle, Brisbane, Australia, 18. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey im a 18 yr old solo on this trip from Brissy as well :slight_smile:


Sweet. Lets be friends… Lol. Any reason your going by yourself? Was going with some friend who is no longer my friend and thought what the im still going :wink: Im staying at the Clink Hostel beforehand.


I wanted to go to Europe and none of my mates could afford it so im going by myself, I don’t mind travelling by myself either its always fun to get out and meet new people and experiences. That kind of sucks about your friend, yer im staying at the Clink before and after for two days.


Im the same :wink: I dont mind either, girl I was going with would of driven me insane anyways. Theres heaps of people that you meet on these sort of trips. Single females get put together I think. Im going to Hong Kong on the way to Europe and Singapore on the way back.


oh im going England before the trip and Scotland afterwards, am already thinking of my next trip do believe i want to do North America and some of Asia as well. Yer thats always the bad part about travelling with friends you have to try and keep the peace which is so hard in different countries and situations. Well we shall definitely have a good trip anyway :slight_smile: .


My friend Holli and I are both doing this tour :slight_smile: we’re both 21 and from brissy too!! cant wait to go! we’re staying in london for three days before the tour, and after flying to budapest and then barcelona.
Tonya :slight_smile:


Well it looks like the Brissy girls will be taking on Europe :slight_smile: Really excited but this trip is so far away :frowning:


I’m thinking about doing this trip too! Pending leave from work though. Did you guys book the website or travel agent??

The plan is to a 3 day scotland tour with Haggis beforehand and do some London sightseeing after.

I’m 25 from the gold coast and a solo. Looks like there will be heaps of queenslanders!!

Let you know when I decide if I’m doing this one or not. Haven’t even got a passport yet lol!


I went through a travel agency, seemed easier, haha i havent got my passport yet either have to sort it out soon i guess…


Huray!!! Go the Queenslanders :slight_smile: Hope I can meet some awsome people on this tour :wink: Cant wait, so excited, but it is ages away! Should be amazing :smiley:


I wonder who else is going…! So exiting :slight_smile:


Hi all,
My girlfriend (Sophie) and I are also all booked in. Looking forward to meeting all of you!

  • Campbell.


Officially booked!!! Now I just have to part with $2190 when my travel agent recieves the paperwork!

Notice there are a few of us travelling from Australia - what are your travel dates? I’m leaving on the 17th of Nov and returning on the 17th of Dec to and from Brisbane via Singa with Qantas. Set me back a bit though. Could have gone with Emirates for a bit cheaper but since I’m connecting to Edinburgh on the way I wanted to keep everything with the same airline in case something goes wrong.

Looking forward to it!!!


Im leaving Brisbane on the 15th November to go to Hong Kong for 5 nights, then London for 4 nights before the tour. Im hoping to take two of those days to train it to Paris to go to Disneyland. After the tour im staying in London for 2 nights then off to Singapore on the 15th December, then returning to Brisbane on the 23rd December. Sooooo excited! :smiley:


Hi Everyone,

My friend and I are booked on the winter wonderland too. Super stoked. We are both 24 and we are from South Africa.

Very Excited and counting down the days. ;D

See you all soon



Wish November was here already!! Looking forward to meeting you all, i’m sure it’s going to be an awesome tour! I’m a bit nervous about doing this on my own, nice to see there are other solo travellers :slight_smile:


Im leaving on the 23rd November from Aus, an leaving on the 22nd Dec hopefully ill be able to get home for Chrissy. :slight_smile: