Winter Getaway 24th November


Only 133 days to go :slight_smile: who else is joining me on this trip? so excited


Hey, :slight_smile:

I was planning on booking this particular trip pretty soon, so i’ll most likely be there.
Are you going alone or with friends? I was planning on chilling in London for a few days before/after as well :slight_smile:





I’m going solo so pretty nerve racking but so exciting I will be spending 2 days in London before and 1 after the trip wbu? Are you traveling solo?


If i do end up booking (And i plan too as soon as i can get through to them, their phone operators are always busy), i’ll spend about 5 days in London prior and maybe one or two days after, before flying back via Hong Kong to spend the best part of a week in HK. (My uncle owns a pile of pubs in HK = free beer and accomodation.)

I was looking to go to Europe and found out a friend of mine was taking this tour and i figured ‘why not?’ :slight_smile: So technically going with a friend.


Yeah I’m going aswell, I’m about 10 out of 10 keene for it.
Im getting to England on the 12th though, and I’m that mate that Pete was talking about.
I’ll see you guys there :slight_smile:



Haha well lucky you set up with free beer and accommodation. It’s coming up so soon now how exciting!! Well I’ll see the both of you there hey :slight_smile:


Booked last night, absolutely stoked.

Do you have any idea how many people will be on it?


Well I asked topdeck on their chat thing about a month ago how many people were booked in and there were around 10 then but I don’t think they allow massive groups I think contiki take heaps more that’s why I chose topdeck over them. I wanna actually be able to say I’ve seen all the amazing things in Europe not spend the whole trip hung over haha.


I imagine the group must be almost full then; I hope we get a good bunch of people.

Do you think there will be any time for clubbing?


Not sure to be honest I’d say Amsterdam will be a big night, yeah I do too but I’m sure we will get that 1 sook that hates life and forgets were in Europe!!! Haha


Hey Guys,

My friend and i are booked on this trip as well :slight_smile:
arriving in London on the 20th and might be around for a few days after.
looking forward to meeting you all there!



hey everyone,
just booked the tour cant wait to meet everyone :slight_smile: !


There won’t be more than a bus load so the numbers won’t be too big.
I am too keen for this, it’s so close yet so far


Booked this one the other day too! So bloody excited :slight_smile:
In London for 3 days before and a week after!


How exciting people are finally replying haha I was starting to think I’d be a lonely traveller is anyone else going on there own? :wink:


How much extra cash is everyone bringing? The chat system recommended 50-60 Euros per day but that’s a generalisation based on all their trips… Anyone have any alternative ideas?


The more the merrier


i just made a conversation on the Facebook topdeck meet page :slight_smile: might find some more people through there!