Winter Getaway 24/12/16 to 10/1/16


Looking to see if many others are going on this trip im travelling with one other friend an was curious to see who be coming with us.


Hi, yeah myself and a mate will be on the trip. Can’t wait! We are from New Zealand.


Hey Mate, I am also a kiwi and going on this tour! Check out the topdeck app as we have a little bit of group chat going haha (nothing substantial). When do you guys arrive at the wombat?


Perfect just jumped on the app! I am in england at the moment visiting some family, arrive at wombats on the 23rd. Airline lost my bag so frantically trying to sort that out at the moment. Where in NZ you from?


Nice! I am staying at the Wombat on the 22nd and 23rd, flying out from NZ tonight. I have recently finished up 5 years at Otago University, wbu?