Winter Getaway 23rd Dec 08


Hi guys[br]I’m thinking of booking on this trip to make my xmas and new year much more exciting than usual![br]Anyone out there already booked or considering it? [br]I’m an english girl of 30 who would be travelling alone, so would be good to get to know some people over this before we’re all thrown together![br]Teresa


Hey Teresa,[br][br]My sister and i are going on the Essential Europe 12 day tour leaving on the 23rd Dec. I am 23 and my sister is 28- she is currently living in the UK. We are also looking forward to having an exciting xmas and New Year.[br][br][br]Essential Europe Winter Tour- 23rd Dec


Hi,[br]I’m booked on the Winter Getaway 23rd Dec 08 and I am sooo excited :)[br][br]I’m 23 and I am also travelling with my brother(aged 29 or at least he will be the day before the tour) and my boyfriend who is 25.[br][br]I think it will be great so I would book it oh wait I did :P[br][br]Maybe we could meet up before touring :)[br][br]Amara[br]


Hey Amara. I have now booked - lucky i did though as there were only 2 places left - could’ve missed out![br]Great to hear from some others are on the tour and that I’m not going to be the oldest by miles lol. [br]Yes, would be great to meet up. I’m staying at the Globetrotter Inn the night before - are you staying there?


Sure am - thought it would be easier if we were at the pick up point :slight_smile: Geez sounds like it’s going to be a full tour - oh well the more the merrier - hehe[br][br]Amara


Only a few more weeks to go - very excited!![br][br]Amara - I should be at Globetrotter late afternoon on 22nd. Lets meet up that night![br][br]Does anyone else on this trip fancy meeting some people pre-tour the night before? The more, the merrier! Would be great to get know some people before getting on the coach ;D[br][br]Teresa


Hi Teresa - I am all for meeting up on the 22nd but I think we will be late to the pre-coach party because we are doing a Stonehenge tour that day, so I think we get back at like 9pm??? How about we all meet at the pub across the road - I think it’s called The Raven Pub??? What do you reckon? We’ll be the three Aussie amigos…One tall, one sort of tall and one medium height - lol - you can join our crazy band of pirates. Only a few weeks to go, I’m so excited.[br][br]Amara :slight_smile:


Hi Amara[br]That sounds great! I’ll see you in there! You’ll recognise me as the English, average height girl with a brunette bob with fringe.[br][br]There must be some others on this tour - come along for some pre-tour drinks! Although we will all have to be very disciplined in getting back at a reasonable time, think its a very early start the next day!![br]Teresa