Winter getaway 22nd Jan


Anyone booked on the winter getaway for the 22nd of Jan?? ;D



Yes I am so excited, I have never seen snow before. Let’s just hope we don’t get snowed in and can make it home to Oz. Where in Oz are you from?


My sister Emily and I are.
You’re on the facebook site too tenille, you must be as excited as I am!!


Hi my name is Emily. I am Julies sister.
Looking forward to meeting you all, not long now, can’t wait!.. :slight_smile:


Hey guys :slight_smile:
My names Jayne and travelling solo on this tour. So excited to be going, it’s my first trip overseas.!! Just hoping weathers good enough to land at Heathrow.!


Hey Hey

My name is brad and im going solo as well

Cant wait its going to be awesome