Winter Getaway 22nd Dec


Anyone else going??! ;D[br][br]I’m 19yr old gal (turning 20 in jan)from Melbourne, Australia…really excited about the tour, not too long to go!


Hey queenb… [br]I’m Mon… the tour leader for your trip… and I’m really excited too!! We’re going to be in Switzerland for Christmas - a guaranteed White Christmas!! And Lauterbrunnen (where we stay) is one of my most favourite places in Europe!! We’ll have to do a Secret Santa with the group… and I’ve already started downloading Christmas Carols onto my ipod!![br]When do you arrive in London - or are you already here? Have you travelled through Europe before? [br]Only 45 sleeps to go!![br]Chat soon…[br]Mon :)[br][br]


Hi Mon!! ;D[br][br]Cheers for the reply, trust me i love the fact we’re going to be in switzerland for xmas…LOVE IT!! I’m a bit rusty on the christmas carols…but i’ll work on it for you ;)[br][br]I should be arriving in london around the 14th, but then i’ll be onto paris and i might be joining the tour in paris (if that is even possible…is it?!) lol[br][br]I have been to Europe before, however this will be the first time completely on my own so i’m a little nervous![br][br]A couple of quick q’s whilst i have you here…is a sleeping bag necessary? Also, whats the plan for nye…is there one yet, or will we just wing it? lol[br][br]thanks again![br][br]Bojana[br][br]


Hi Bojana,[br][br]According to the pre-departure information, our trip does need a sleeping bag… and it gets quite, quite cold (that’s the nice way of saying ‘really freezing’) in Europe during Winter, so even if our accomodation does supply bedding, it’s nice to have your sleeping bag for extra warmth!! (and it always comes in handy for making drive days on the coach a little more comfortable!!)[br][br]As far as NYE goes, we are in Venice… I’ll have a look into what’s happening, but it may be a case of winging it??? I’ll let you know what I can find out!![br][br]As far as joining us in Paris goes, that’s cool - Just let Reservations know, so you get the correct departure information.[br][br]Don’t be nervous, there’s usually quite a few people on the trips travelling on their own - I did when I did my Topdeck trip - I loved being able to choose when I wanted to hang out with people and when I wanted to go off and do my own thing.[br][br]If you’ve got any other questions, just let me know… and I’ll do my best to answer - or find an answer to them!![br][br]If you’re in Oz at the moment, enjoy the heat while you can… It’s already pretty chilly in London at the moment…[br][br]Cheers ;D[br]Mon[br]


31 more sleeps!! ;D[br][br]


Oh come on…surely someone else from the tour is going to stop by here?!! lol


Hey Bojana…[br]Looks like it’s just you and me here! [br]If anyone else from our tour does manage to read this, we’re going to be doing a Secret Santa for Christmas day. If you would like to be involved, please buy a present (?10 max) and we’ll pop it in Santa’s sack for Christmas Day Dinner![br]We are in Venice for NYE and I’ve been looking into restaurants/bars/places to go. As you would expect at this time, everything is very expensive… but there’s seems to be a bit of a party happening in Piazza San Marco, so we might go check that out! If you have come across anything else, please let me know, and I can look into it![br]7 more sleeps!!;D[br]Mon


Sounds great Mon![br][br]I’m in Paris at the moment, will arrive in London on wednesday and am staying at the Globetrotter…its nearly upon us…see you Friday!! ;D[br][br]xx bojana


This is slightly delayed as my tour finished on the 8th…but I just wanted to say that it was FANTASTIC!!! Highly reccomended to anyone considering it, we couldnt have asked for a better team that Mon and PJ…definitely lots of memorable (and crazy!!) moments! lol[br][br]HUGE thanks to the topdeck crew…especially Mon!!! Hope you’ve been well, miss you guys and if you’re ever in melbourne give me a call![br][br]if anyone has any questions feel free to ask me…[br][br];D[br][br]xxxxx