Winter Getaway 20th December


I’m doing the Winter Getaway tour 20th December :slight_smile:
Can’t seem to find anyone else doing it on this date.
Let me know if you are!! ;D

Nela x


Hi Nela,

It is so exciting to find someone on the same tour that I am on.

I can’t wait to go… Should be a wonderful holiday. Look forward to seeing you in London on the 20th. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



Me and my Brother is also going!!!

Looking so forward!


Hey there!

Will you guys be spending NYE in Prague?

I am on the Winter Waltz Jan 1-7, I believe my trip joins up with yours in Prague Jan 1 and we finish off until London together!

I am arriving in Prague two days early and hoping to find some Topdeckers to celebrate NYE with :slight_smile:





I just booked this tour today…Can’t wait! Are people staying at Clink before it starts?

Nina - we sure will be in Prague for Hogmany. I see you’re also from Scotland…whereabouts?

Lesley xx


O fantastic! Now I’m really getting excited! We will only arrive in Prague on the 31st - this should be a huge NYE party! We will be joing in Paris…


Hi Lesley…I am actually Canadian, from Toronto but am living just outside of Glasgow for the year working at a boarding school…and hoping to get in tons of traveling over the breaks! I am heading to Prague solo so am hoping to meet some people to celebrate NYE with :slight_smile:

Marius- I am super excited too! Prague for New Years is going to be crazy I’m sure!

My pre-trip accommodation is at the PLUS hostel in Prague…is this where you are all staying too?




Bonjour ! I’ll be joining you all on the winter getaway tour as well. I am going solo :frowning: Therefore, looking forward to having some great company on board and making new friends. YAYY :slight_smile: Any fellow Canadians out there ? Would love to hear from all of you.

Have a great one


Can’t wait to meet you all!
Are you all staying at Clink78? Me & my 2 friends are arriving at Clink 5days prior to tour :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

All this chatting only makes the anticipation worse! I’ll be joining the trip in Paris on the 20th. ;D

I’m really very excited and slightly worried about what to wear?! Burning out here in SA at the moment, so it’ll be a confusing change.

Marius when are you and your brother leaving SA?