Winter Getaway 2011 12th Nov



Just curious if anyone is going on this tour? Cannot wait to get to Europe!


I am :slight_smile: paid my deposit the other day. Only 170 days…not that I’m counting…


Awesome! Someone is going on this trip =P

Pretty keen on it, Should be great!


More people must be going!!!?!


hi, me and my friend are both coming!


That’s awesome. What are your plans before/after the trip? I’ve only got one night in London before we go but a week after we get back. I’m so excited!!


We are going to be staying the night before in London where the tour leaves, we have over a month after!

If anyone wants to catch up that night or whatevs, pm me your Facebook :slight_smile:


emily and i are have a night before then a week after the tour in london - i’d love a month after but i have to go back to work as soon as i get back - but ignoring work we’re soooo excited ;D


Hi Jake!! ;D
Just thought I would say Hi to everyone as well, I will be there with Jacob the night before and then for a month after. As he said anyone that wants to catch up the night before that would be great.

Cait & Emily, When are you flying & who with?


fly out with virgin atlantic on the 10th of nov, its not confirmed yet but pretty sure we’re staying at the clink for most of the time in london
who are u guys flying with?


We Fly out of sydeny on the 9th with Korean Air and have a stopover in Korea…and then from Korea to London on the 10th. We havent worked out where we are staying after the tour but we are staying at Clink the night before the tour :slight_smile:


I’m flying with VA on the 10th too. I think the flight is at 3:45 so a very early arrival for me on the Friday. We should organise to do something to day before if everyone is staying at the clink.


we’re on the same flight! but definately a catch up - we should meet at the clink’s bar


p.s. we’re a guaranteed departure for the tour - so that means there at least must be a few more of us




i think we have a plan


May as well, It’s Europe :slight_smile: Should have fun =D


One Hundred and Nine days =D


Still so far away!


but also sooo close - have already had to put in leave and do my roster for work