Winter Getaway 2010!


hey all just wanting to know any1 else going on this tour!!![br]IM VERY EXCITED!!![br][br]Winter Getaway 2010!!!


Hi, what date are you going? I am on the Winter Wonder on Jan 2nd.[br][br]Andrea[br]Winter Wonder - Jan 2 2010


Hey im leaving on the 9th of jan.[br]Beyond excited!![br][br]Winter Getaway 2010!!!


I wonder if we will cross paths? I have not found anyone else on my tour yet…[br][br]Andrea[br]Winter Wonder - Jan 2 2010


Hey Woohoo, I’m on the same trip as you!!![br]Are you doing any other trips? I’m doing New years eve in Amsterdam too.[br]Anyway cya there!!![br][br]Scott[br]Winter Getaway 9th - 26th Jan 2010


hey Scott that awesome!! um not going on any tour before hand but i will probably cya at Generator Hostel the night before…r u going alone or with a mate??? Im going with a friend on the tour.[br][br]Winter Getaway 2010!!!


I’m going alone, first time out of Australia too. I’ll be staying at the Generator for a couple of nights before the trip at this stage. Are you a girl or a guy? And how old are you’s? I’m 20 and a guy.[br][br]Scott[br]New Years in Amsterdam 30th - 2nd[br]Winter Getaway 9th - 26th Jan 2010


Im a girl…hehehe woohoo is the word i say when i think of Europe…oh and ill just turn 21 before we go.[br]I think id be 2 scared 2 go on my own!![br][br][br]Winter Getaway 2010!!!


Yeah, to be honest I’m kinda sh*ting myself now, and its still 4 months away lol. When do you fly into london?[br][br]Scott[br]New Years in Amsterdam 30th - 2nd[br]Winter Getaway 9th - 26th Jan 2010


Ahhh fly in on the 7th.[br]My friend and i will check out London and do the ‘touristy’ stuff be4 the tour.[br]R u going straight home after the tour?[br][br]Winter Getaway 2010!!!


Yeah I plan to fly home on the 28th of January but I haven’t booked my flights yet. I’ve got some time between 3rd and the 8th to do some touristy stuff around London but I think I’ll try to spend as little time as possible there 'cause I hear its very expensive. What are your plans for after the tour?[br][br]Scott[br]New Years in Amsterdam 30th - 2nd[br]Winter Getaway 9th - 26th Jan 2010


We r staying around for bout 12 days after the tour and going to Scotland and Ireland.[br]really want to have a Guinness in an irish pub!! hehe [br]And totally excited bout seeing snow…never seen it before!![br][br]Raqual[br]Winter Getaway 2010!!!


I’ve got some time between new years and our tour starting, so I might head over to Ireland and have a Guinness…or 7, at a pub there too. Where in Australia are you from? I’m from Melbourne.[br][br]Scott[br]New Years in Amsterdam 30th - 2nd[br]Winter Getaway 9th - 26th Jan 2010


Im from Brisbane…hehehe love the 'or 7 'comment!! [br]I so cant wait to go over there…i dont know how ill go on the plane over there since flying to sydney seemed to take forever…but i should [br]be fine…hopefully!![br][br]Raqual[br]Winter Getaway 2010!!!


Hi Wohoo and Scott,[br]I’m Daniel from Auckland New Zealand and I can’t wait to go to europe8-)[br]I’m 21 and will be traveling alone, but no worries, hopefully we’ll have the best tour group ever hehe ;D[br]I’ll be arriving the night before the tour and will stay in London for an extra day when the tour finishes~[br]Hope to see you all soon![br][br]Daniel[br][br]09 Jan 2010[br]Winter Getaway


Hey Daniel,[br]Nice to meet you mate! See ya at the Generator the night before it all kicks off!![br][br]Scott[br]New Years in Amsterdam 30th - 2nd[br]Winter Getaway 9th - 26th Jan 2010