Winter Getaway 20/1/18 - 6/2/18


Hi people,

Am thinking of booking the Winter Getaway (20th Jan - 6th Feb).

Would be travelling as a single pringle from Sydney, Australia.

Has anyone done this and can recommend? OR has anyone booked?

Lemme know x



I’ve booked already for this trip, and I’m also a single pringle from Brisbane.

Let me know if you decide to go ahead with it! :slight_smile:

Liz x


Hey guys! I’m also going on this trip alone- can’t wait!


Hey guys!
I’m booked in for the tour. I too am a single pringle from Adelaide.
It’s not far off now, I’m so excited!


Hey hey! I’ll be on your tour- I’m coming on my own from Adelaide.
Can’t wait to meet you all soon
Sophie xxx


Aw boo! I changed to the Winter Wonder.
Have fun girls! x


Hi Annastasia,
I’m from Wollongong and going on this trip solo too. Can’t wait, so excited! Haven’t been travelling before, so going alone will be interesting. :slight_smile: hope you’ll join :))


AW have fun lovely people! I ended up booking the Winter Wonder x


Hey guys!

I’ve just booked this trip and I’m from Melbourne. Currently visiting family in London and decided to be spontaneous to start off the new year.

Can’t wait to meet you all!