Winter getaway 2 feb



Is anyone doing this trip…if so do u have facebook


hi ya,

im doing this trip ;D - Facebook yeah?


wats ur facebook name…i also created a topdeck trip on facebook


r u going alone


Hi All,
Just booked this trip! Flying solo on this one but pretty excited. Is everyone planning on staying at the Clink Hostel the night before?


ja i b staying there on the 1st…do u have facebook…cant wait…we all should meet night before for drinks


I’ll be at the Clink on the 1st too. Planning on hitting up the British Museum that afternoon after I store my bags if anyone else would like to join ;D I should be getting to the Clink ~13:00/14:00 (assuming customs goes well!) Drinks that evening sounds great!!! Cya soon!!! :smiley:

Also, what is the topdeck trip called on Facebook? I’ll join that if there is more active chatting there


Cool. I’ll be arriving at the Clink on the 1st as well. The British Museum sounds like fun…would be keen for that. Yeah, what is the name of the topdeck trip on FB?


there the link ……i created it for 2 feb 2013 winter getaway…maybe we all can meet at the clink at say 13h00…cant wait…party up…BTW WATS Ur names and ages…mine is preshen and I’m from south Africa and I’m 26


Hey Preshen,
My name is Jenn, I’m also 26 and am from Australia. Does between 1-2pm at the Clink sound alright? I think check-in is at 2.30pm right? :slight_smile: