Winter Getaway 19th Jan 5th Feb 2019


Just booked the Winter Getaway for January 19th to February 5th
Has anyone else booked this tour?
Has anyone perviously done it? What was it like?
Very excited.


Hi Maddie!

I have booked it! Coming from Perth :slight_smile:


Yay! How exciting! I can’t wait!


I’m also going on this tour and I’m also from Perth!


Yes! How great! Quick question what kind of luggage are you guys taking?! :grin:


My friend who’s done a Topdeck said she was fine with a suitcase, and that’s all I have so I’m gonna roll with that (quite literally :joy: )


How exciting! Amy, when are you leaving Perth? I’m departing on the 17th of jan and staying in the hostel before the tour begins :slight_smile:


I have booked already for another tour.


Wow, that was great go ahead Happy Journey:grinning: If anyone who still hasn’t book your flight tickets for the winter holiday, then visit Indian Eagle and fly to your holiday destination.