Winter Getaway 18th Dec



Im booked on for this tour, hope there is more people on this :slight_smile:



Are you staying before or after the tour?


oh nice thank god got someone going hehe im arriving in London 13th Dec and staying 5 days and then staying 1 day after… u going alone ?


Hey, I have just booked on too! Good to know that there will at least be three of us!


oh nice i cant wait :slight_smile: when you getting into london


I will probably get in on the Monday afternoon. I am living in Edinburgh at the moment so Monday is my first day of annual leave. Really can’t wait either I can’t believe I have been here so long and not seen any of mainland Europe! And may stay on in London for a day or so afterwards as I haven’t been there in ages but haven’t made up my mind yet. Are you travelling alone? I am. :slight_smile:


Oh nice iam from sydney :)… oh nice i really cant wait no longer too, im going alone you have facebook?


Yay more people on this tour ;D cant wait to meet you all!!!


Hooray! Four of us!

Ah cool - I am actually from the Gold Coast originally but have been in Edinburgh for a little more that three years now. So it looks like we’re all Ausies so far.


Yay!!! My friend is also booked for this tour so five of us!! I also think i seen a post on the Topdeck FB page and there are a few more on this tour as well ;D


its going to be a good tour. gonna go off :))


Hi Petra

I am arriving on the 13th also staying 5 nights then after the tour I am staying 4 nights. Who are you flying with?
I am flying solo as well - first overseas trip too!!!


Oh nice, im flying with Etihad there but, I will be in Germany before that and then flying Air Berlin, umm i will see you there maybe we should explore England together go see places because this is my first time… yep i cant wait :))


Under 10 weeks to go!!! ;D


He he! Just got this message.
Sounds like a plan to go around together! HEAPS OF EXCITING THINGS TO BE SEEN. Have you purchased a London Pass?


Hey yep im buying the pass for 7 days :)). you getting oyster card or did you get london pass with travel … yep we can go together take pictures and everything :))


Hey Petra

I have been looking at the oyster card but haven’t purchased it yet. I purchased the London pass for three days which I will use before the tour, but I was also thinking that I will purchase another for after the tour.

Have you got facebook? probably a little easier to chat than here.

Gail Richards