WINTER GETAWAY 17th Dec - 3 Jan 2016/17


Hey guys!
My name is Emma aged 19 (20 by trip) and I’m from Adelaide Australia, and i have booked this trip! Didnt find a discussion for this trip and date so i decided to start one in hope to meet/talk to anyone going on this trip in 223 days! :slight_smile:


Emma! I’m Ruby from Brisbane, 20 years old! I was thinking of booking this trip, you travelling solo too??


Oh thats exciting! Yes I am! You should book it! Christmas night in Venice and NYE in Berlin and its a guaranteed trip which is always good!!


Awesome! Yessss it looks awesome. I visited the UK and France last year but I’ve never done a tour or travelled solo :grin: Will this be your first trip to Europe / tour??


Oh thats cool! Yes first time in Europe and first tour, I’m very excited! Also spending a couple of days in London either side :slight_smile:


Ahhh I’m so excited for you! Cool, I’m planning to spend a few days before in London! I’ll book either today or tomorrow!!! wooooooo!


Oh yays! Have you booked??


YES!!! Download the app and message in our group chat! :slight_smile:


Hey girls my name is Amelia I’m 20 from Sydney and about to book this trip too !!!
do you guys have other travel plans before/after? so exciting !!! :slight_smile: