Winter Getaway - 13 March 08


Hi Everyone![br]Im booked on the Winter Getaway tour leaving 13 March 08. Who else is coming on this tour? I think its going to be fantastic!! Less than 3 months now till I leave Australia! Im starting to get really excited!! If anyone has done a Winter Getaway tour and has any tips I’d be happy to hear from you too!! [br]Katie :sunglasses:


Hmmm, I think I just may be the only person on this tour!! At least I’ll get good service from the tour guides - Haha!![br]There must be SOMEONE else coming on this tour!? Don’t be shy people!


Hey there[br][br]I am looking at doing the european getaway but on the 3rd of april. Hopefully I will book it tomorrow!![br]This trip looks really good, i can’t wait![br]Its a shame not many ppl look on here who have booked.[br][br][br]you’ll have to let me know how you go!!![br][br][br][br][br][br]


Hey Cloudy,[br][br]I’ll be sure to post to let you know how the trip goes. The thing I love about this tour is that you get to spend 2 nights in almost every city…[br]I agree that more people should have a look on the forum before they leave. A girl could get a complex with nobody bothering to reply to her messages!![br][br]Have a great new years!


Hey Guys, I;m not really a computer kind of guy, dont know if this will work or not. Yeah I too am on this tour. My agent said it is def going ahead that means there has to be enough people I guess. Leave Australia on March 6, quit my job today BLOODY EXCITED 2 YEARS IN EUROPE![br][br]BaRRa


Hey Barra![br][br]Great to hear from you! Man, you’ve got some exciting times ahead! I leave Oz on 6 March as well. Where you from in Oz? Im from Melbourne. You staying at the Globetrotter beforehand? Don’t know about you, but Im already counting the days till I leave.[br]Cheers[br]Katie


Hey Katie,[br][br]I’m from wollongong NSW. Flying Etihad from Sydney on the 6th. Staying at the globetrotter the night befor and after, havent actually book accomidation for the time between. Its getting close now huh. You staying on the EU after? Are you travelleing on ya own? I am, going to be full on, but I’m sure will rock![br][br]BaRRa


Hey,[br][br]Yeah, Im travelling on my own. Got a friend in London Im staying with for a week before the tour, but doing the tour on my own. Then the day after we get back from the tour Im flying to Turkey. I’ve got a friend getting married there. After that, its back home to reality for me. Half your luck you get to stay on afterwards. Im staying at the Globetrotter the night before and after the trip as well. Sounds like we’ll be meeting soon. FYI its 43 days until we fly out of Oz. I can’t wait!!![br]Katie


43 Days, but whos counting ey? Bring this **** on. Working VISA was approved today. On cloud 9[br][br]BaRRa


Looks like you and I might get special treatment Barra…no one else seems to be coming with us!!! Not long now. Only 25 more days of work for me and only 40 days in total till I leave Oz!!


Hey Guys! I just booked on the trip today! How exciting! Anyway, my name is Bec, I am 23 and also from Australia. I have been in Europe for just over 3 months now, working as an au pair in Germany. Will be great to talk to some Australians!! Do you guys have plans for after the tour? I have another 2 weeks off work, and am not sure if I should go on a Contiki tour of the Greek Islands (might be too cold), or go to Spain and Portugal (but I am sick of travelling alone) or just see if I meet someone friendly on the tour and tag along with them!


Hey Bec![br]Welcome aboard! Good to hear from you! After the tour Im heading to Turkey for a friends wedding. Im sure you’ll be able to tag along with someone after the trip. Sounds like you’ve already had plenty of adventures. Look forward to meeting you![br]Katie


Hey Bec,[br]Welcome aboard, to our two now three way conversation. I’m satying on in EU for prob 2 years. After the tour I am going to scottland to find somewhere to live and a job, depending on how much cash I have left weather I travelle further. aussie dollars wont go far over there! I would love to go to portigal and bum around Lagos but I will have to see how it goes. Also planning on seeing Bjork play in London April 14, after she pulled out of the Big Day Out this year. (I know she is weird but i have loved her since I was a kid) What is an au pair?[br][br]BaRRa


Hi. I just got back from the Canary Islands yesterday, it was so nice there. It is amazing how warm 20 deg feels after being in Europe for so long! Germany is horrible and cold! An au pair is like a live in nanny. I live with a German family and look after their kids for 30hrs a week. In return I get free accommodation and meals, and am paid a little bit! I really enjoy it. The family is going to Mexico and the USA in March. They wanted me to come along, but I had to pay my own way, so I decided that I would rather stay in Europe! Why Scotland? No, Aussie $$ dont go far! I actually havent been to the UK yet because I keep hearing how expensive it is! Euros aren’t too bad.


Dont really know why I have chosen Scotland. I just like the look and sound of it, and I am not too interested in Living in London. The news is on in the background now Aussis $ is worth 46p and ?0.66. Ouch! I’m just bloody excited! I have a bit of cash saved, more if I can sell my car befor I leave. If I do it means I can do a little more teavel befor I get a job. I am planning a trip to Germany for Oktoberfest in september, a few of my mates from AUZ are going to come over and see me. Are you going back to work with the fam in germany after the trip.[br][br]BaRRa


That was a quick reply! And it is past midnight in Aus… I have to be back in Germany by April 14th ish, and then I go home on June 3. So unfortunately I miss oktoberfest! I missed it last year by a couple of weeks too, so that sucks. But I have been to Munich a few times and I really like it (just don’t go near the hopbahnhof or strange men might follow you!).


Hey Guys,[br][br]Only 37 days till the tour starts and 30 days till I leave Australia!! Or should I say, till Barra and I leave Australia. Crazy coincidence that we leave on the same day![br]I always want to be an au pair when I was younger Bec. I thought it sounded like a great way to see the world…only problem was I’m not that keen on kids!!![br]I can’t wait! Hopefully our tour has heaps of great people onboard!! Countdown is on people!!!


I dont think the strange men will really be interested in me for some reason! This is just getting too bloody exciting hey, I can’t wait! Sux you having to go home so soon, are you ready for home?[br][br]BaRRa


Hey katie your back, SO BLOODY EXCITED, 30 days OH YEAH THE COUNT DOWN CONTINUES!! Whoop whoop whoop! Cool people or not, us three will be there, we’ll make our own party if everyone eles is ****!![br][br]BaRRa


Hi Guys, I’m doing the Essential Europe tour starting 2 March but there doesnt seem to be anyone else doing it! I’m going on my own and would like to get to know at least 1 person before the trip starts!! [br][br]I fly to the UK 21 Feb with Etihad Airlines… I have a 2yr work visa…!!!