Winter Getaway 12th November - 29th November


Hey everyone, just booked the winter getaway tour leaving 12th of November. I’m travelling solo from Australia and will be in London one week before the tour starts.Just wondering who else is going? :blush:


Hey :blush: I’m a solo traveller from NZ and am also doing this tour. Although I’ll only be arriving in London the night before. Are you planning to do any travelling afterwards?


Heey, I already booked my fights to leave London a few days later after the tour ends :blush:


Nice! Looking forward to meeting you :blush:


Hey! I’m also a travelling solo from Aus! Im going to be in London for 2 days before the tour starts and than i have 2 unplanned weeks afterwards. I’m really keen to check our Ireland and Scotland so i might head over there…its starting to get close im so excited to meet everyone!


Hey Dani, have you been to Europe before? It’s getting close, pretty excited! Scotland and Ireland would be so amazing! I’ve got 3 weeks in Scandinavia after hoping to see the northern lights. The whole trips going to be an epic adventure :smile:


Hi Aaron, I am trying to decide what tour to do. I am deciding between 12th Nov or the one after. I notice that you’re going to the Northern lights after this tour. How are you getting there and what’s your accommodation? I’m from NZ too.


Such a late reply sorry! No never been before so pretty excited :slight_smile:️ Oh yeah I would love to do Scandinavia I just have to Sus my budget once I’m there hahah