Winter getaway 12th Jan 2007


Hey would love to hear from anyone going on this tour!!!


Hi Shars :)[br][br]I was going on this trip up until yesterday. I have paid my deposit but I don’t think I can go anymore. I think I am going to have to go on the one in March or April now. I am enjoying myself and aren’t ready to pack up and leave London just yet.[br][br]I hope you have a brilliant time though. I’m jealous that it’s so soon for you![br][br]Sarah


Shame you can’t make it, think Europe will be just stunning in winter(and extremely cold, brhhh). Well I am sure you will make the tour eventually and April would be a nice time to go, bit warmer!!!


Yeah it will be soooo pretty - you will have a ball. I love the cold. I think it makes it feel more like Europe. I’m hoping to go on the March tour now. Just waiting to hear back if it’s ok to move to that one. Fingers crossed.


Hi, I’m planning to go for this tour, I’m from Brisbane, Australia, where are you guys from?


Hey I am from Canberra, Australia, I am a 25yo female and will be travelling with my 30yo partner. I am most excited as neither of us have travelled outside Australia before and I have always longed to see Europe and I think that winter will be stunning and extemely cold.[br]Will you be travelling alone???[br][br]Shars :slight_smile:


Hi Guys,[br][br]Ok so change of plans and now I am going on this one :)[br][br]I’m 25 and from Sydney but have been living in London for the last 6 months. I’ll be travelling on my own. I have done a fair bit of travelling but not much of Europe at all so am very excited!![br][br]Sarah


Cool, I’m 25 too and will be travelling by myself, yes, also first time travelling to Europe. Yes I think it will be freezing! Maybe Sarah can feel a bit of the coldness in London already:)What’s the weather like in London now? Cloudy and cold?[br][br]Tania


Hey Sarah thats sooo cool that you decided to come on this tour, its bound to be heaps of fun!!! ;D Hi Tania, travelling alone will be loads of fun, think of all the people you will meet along the way and Sarah is travelling alone too, so already you have found a buddy!!!:slight_smile: Im getting sooo excited as it gets closer, I am a little afraid of flying, but it will be worth it!!!


Hi Guys,[br][br]Yeah it’s def starting to get cold now in London. The weather has actually still been pretty good though. Cold but clear sky except for the odd day or two of pouring down rain!! The thing you notice the most is how dark it gets. It’s pitch dark still at 7am and pitch dark again by 4.30pm.[br][br]Tania - we’ll be fine on our own :slight_smile: I think there will be loads of people travelling by themselves.[br][br]Shars - don’t be scared of flying! It’ll all be worth it once you get over here.[br][br]I can’t wait to finish work and be on holidays :slight_smile:


It would be so nice if more people joining this tour can leave a few words here…not sure if they know about this forum. I think it will be fun if more people join this conversation:)


Oh I can definitely get over my fear of flying to get there!!! Yeah I reckon not many people know about the forum, but it certainly is fun learning about others going on the tour!!! So are any of you staying at the globetrotter inn the night before???:slight_smile:


I’m staying there that night. It?s a bit of a trek from my flat and we have to be ready so early so thought I might as well. Are you guys?


I think I should, which type of accommodation are you guys going for?


Hey guys,[br] I am staying in a double room, bit more pricey, but hey!!! We should somehow arrange to meet the night before (11th Jan)??? For a drink and get to know one another predeparture???[br][br]Shars ;D


hey guys! I’m Chelsea from Canberra, Aust. I’m 19 and I’ll be travelling by myself and staying at the globetrotter the night before, meeting up that night for a few drinks would be a totally awsome way to start the tour! I’m so excited, it’ll be my first time in UK/Europe![br][br]This above all: to thine own self be true.- Will Shakespeare


Oh hi Chelsea, good that a new person joins the conversation:), what type of accommodation did you book for? Cheers.[br][br]Tania


Hey Chelsea, I am from Canberra too!!! Yeah it would be really cool if we all got to meet before we set off on our 18 day trek together!!! I am getting so excited now, moreso cause I am meeting people going on this tour!!! When are you flying out of oz???[br][br]Cheers Shars :sunglasses:


Um… good question, multi share I think, I wasn’t paying the upmost attention when I booked it, just making sure I had the right dates. I’m getting sooo excited about this trip! and hey, big party for Australia Day on Jan 26??? I’m so stoked![br][br]Also, is anyone else confused about the whole sleeping bag thing? It says that sleeping bags are needed for all Euroclub trips, but then in one of the info packets I was emailed said sleeping bags weren’t required for this trip??? Anyone know the best was to swing for that one?[br][br]This above all: to thine own self be true.- Will Shakespeare


Hey Chelsea,[br] Yea I found the sleeping bag thing a bit confusing, but basically the low down is that all though it is not reqiured, it gets pretty darn cold in Europe, so the advice is that a sleeping bag is ideal for the extra warmth you will be needing, brrhhh.[br][br]Hope that helps,[br]Shars :slight_smile: