Winter gateway dec 11 2010!


Just thought i would say a quick hi to my future tour buddies!!! so excited to meet you all!!! has anyone else worried about what to pack??? any insight on whether to go thermals or not??? i have no idea from sunny brisbane and never have seen the snow!!! cant wait to meet others on the trip!!! maybe some of u might be lurking on this forum!


Hey Ash,
bring the thermal singlets!!!
and lots of it. plus some extra long sleeves tshirts and pullover. One or two thermal jacket are enough. The best thing is to put lots of layers underneath the jacket.
Got some cheap thermal jackets from anaconda last winter clearance.
Iā€™m from Brisbane too but going on March tour :slight_smile:


thanks so much for the advice!
much appreciated!!!


i wonder if there are other gateways out there??? or is it just me and my friend so far heh


Hi Ash,

I will be going on the 11th Dec one as well ;D From Perth, so going from nice hot mid-30s to negatives!

I am bringing thermals, however i wore them just now for this winter and I was still cold, so I may need to buy some proper ones in the UK before the trip starts :wink:

So excited! Not long now!!!



I am doing this tour with 4 others from my uni, 3 girls and one other guy. We are from Brisbane and doing a uni trip then continuing on to do this.

See you guys then