Winter Express vs Winter Getaway


I’m indecisive about these two…help!!! Anyone booked for either of them yet??



im doing the winter express in feb 14 and u


winter getaway 18th dec :))


Hi!! That’s the date I was thinking if I went on the Express, but the Getaway just covers so much more. Ahhh, decisions decisions!!!


GETAWAY! you’re going to Europe! go all out!


i cant wait for the winter express…nicole were in sa u from…y u dnt do the winter express


I’m from PE, yourself?? I am actually already in the UK. I’m leaning towards the Getaway, it just covers so much more, and not sure when I would get the opportunity to do it again!! Why don’t you change to that??? ;D


I’m booked in for the Winter Getaway!!! My tour departs December 22nd.
Goodluck deciding!