Winter Express March 14-24 2013


Hey Everyone!

I just booked this trip on a whim and I am going totally alone. Looking forward to meeting new people and making friends!
Who else is going?

Kevin (male, 24, Canada)


hii kevin !
i’m thinking to book today for this trip and i’m going alone also but i’m still worry as i never tried topdeck be4 :smiley:
so what do think man …

Alaa (male,29,Egypt)


Hi Alaa!

I never took a trip like this before so it will be my first time not only with Top Deck but with any organized trip company. Should be a trip of a life time! I’ve also never traveled alone so its going to be one crazy experience for me. Going to get out of my comfort zone!

You should book it!



hii kevin !
i’ve booked it already hope to c u there so can u send me ur number in amsg in facebook
my facebook is alaa negm search for me :slight_smile:
and send me urs also

Alaa (male,29,Egypt)


Hey Alaa!

That is great news. Glad you booked it! There are so many people with that name on Facebook so here is my link:

See you soon!


heay kevin!
i already add u on facebook :slight_smile:

cu man :slight_smile: