Winter Express March 10th 2016


Just wondering if there is anyone out there travelling on this trip?


Hi Jasmine! We have just booked this tour! Cant wait. Where are you from?


Hi Lauren,

I’m from Australia, what about you?


We are from New Zealand! cant wait…getting close now!


I know I’m excited!


Are you starting the tour in London or Paris?


Starting in London, we have 10 days in London before we start. What about you?


I’m booking this trip tomorrow, going it alone so it would be awesome to talk to you guys a bit before! I’m super excited for this!


Lauren I’m starting in London! I’m staying 2 days before the tour, where are you guys staying?

Kirsten I’m going alone too! Where are you from?


Okay awesome that makes me feel a little bit better! But I’m from Canada


Awesome! We are staying at my husbands brothers place. So cool to talk to a few people first. Are u guys taking backpacks or what? how old r u guys?


Yeah it’s good! I’m taking a suitcase :slight_smile:
I’m 18, how old are you?


Kirsten, are you staying in London before the tour? If so where at :slight_smile:


im 26. Im not sure if ill take suitcase or backpack yet? its going to be freezing for you!


Yeah I know but I’ll tough it out


I’m 19
Jasmin I’m probably going to stay a couple days there before, haven’t decided yet hah, but if I do it’ll probably be at wombats hostel. Where are you staying?
Lauren I’m most likely just taking a backpack, my friend did it and said its a lot easier than a suitcase


I’m staying at the wombats hostel :slight_smile:
I’m taking a suitcase just becaus I’ve got one saved me having to go out and buy something


Hey Guys, my name is Sruthi and i am looking to do this trip as well. I am planning this trip on my own so it would be great to meet people before. Im currently in London, but my home is in Australia. I came here to look for work, but i have not been successful so i thought i would do a bit of traveling before i head back home. It would be great to meet you guys :smile:


Is anyone else doing this trip alone?
I’m considering being spontaneous and just booking this trip :laughing: I’m 20 from Australia!


I’m doing this trip alone, I’m 18 from Australia!
It’s my first trip overseas!