Winter Express Jan 2019


Hey guys! ( I know I’m a little bit early hahaha) My name’s Hannah! I’m travelling solo so I was wondering if someone is going to book this trip too! I can’t specify the date yet because I’m not sure if I’m going to book the one that starts on the 17th or the one that starts on the 20th! Anyway, I’d be really glad to meet some people who are going on this tour! :blush::blush:


Hey Hannah!
Im considering Jan next year too, but I’m also looking at December 2018 to do the Chistmas markets been told they are not to be missed! :stuck_out_tongue:
Where are you from?

Maddie :slight_smile:


Oh! Cool! I’m from Brazil hahaha wbu?


Hey guys I’m not sure if it’s part of the winter express but I’m on the winter spirit departing December and man I’m excited. Yes it’s early but that won’t stop excitement levels:)


Hi All, i am going on the Winter Express 27/12 - 6/1… leaving Aus on the 25th so me and my partner can see paris a bit more and on the way back from the trip staying in London for a little longer :smile:

Kirra :grin:


I’m looking at maybe booking the 20th :slight_smile: