Winter Express February 09th - February 19th 2017


Hello, I was wondering who else is going to this trip next year so that we can start get to knowing each other. Very excited already!


Hi! I’m on this trip too, just booked a few days ago :slight_smile: I’m from Sydney, Australia, whereabouts are you from?


Hi, glad to know that! I’m from Brazil and I’m looking forward to get to know everybody, each one from a different country, that’s awesome! :blush:


Hi! My boyfriend and I are going on this tour too! We’re also from Sydney Australia. We’re going to be in Europe for a few weeks before the tour. Do you have any other plans?


I’ll be in Orlando for a week before the tour to go to Disneyworld (I am a self-confessed giant 5 year old), and i’m staying in London for a few days afterwards! Where in Europe are you going?


Oh that sounds fun! We have three weeks not planned yet but will be spending time in London, Ireland and Denmark so far.


Hi! I know I am a bit late in sending a reply, but I am joining on this tour too! I’m from Cape Town, South Africa.


Hey! I’ll be attending this trip too. I’m coming from Toronto, Canada. :slight_smile:


Hii I’m also very excited to visit London my dream country in next year.


Hi Everyone! Not too far away now! Also there’s a Topdeck app if you haven’t got it yet, and there’s a group chat on that too of people doing our trip :slight_smile:


And there’s been talk of meeting up at Wombat’s hostel (where we meet on the 9th to start the trip) the night before to say hi and introduce ourselves!


Hi everyone. I’m on this trip too, I’m from Sydney, Australia. I’ve already booked at the Wombats hostel the night before our trip so would be lovely to meet everyone.


Hi there, I’m also joining this trip. So excited, my first time. However will be meeting you guys in Paris. Cant wait!