Winter express fe 14th 2013


Hello all :slight_smile:

would like to know who else is going on this trip as travelling alone.

from australia :slight_smile:


Hey Zoe!

I’m from Australia too - Sydney, to be precise. ;D
This is my first solo trip as well. Such a mixture of nerves and excitement.

I’ll be in London for the ‘Winter Express’ tour - you’re not alone.

Karina. B-)


hello karina!!! ;D

I’m from Sydney too!!! I live in chatswood, where abouts do you live??
Are you staying in the clink hostel on the 13th? I cannot wait for this trip am sick of talking about it!!


hii zoe !
i’m thinking to book today for this trip and i’m going alone also but i’m still worry as i never tried topdeck be4 {Cheesy}
so what do think …

Alaa (male,29,Egypt)