Winter Express departing 9th March 2017


Hey I’m Mariana from Portugal living in London. Going solo on this trip. Anyone else going?


Hey, I’m Mark and also live in London. I’m going on the trip solo as well :smile:


Hey Mark! Is this ur first Topdeck trip?


Hi guys

Im Ree from Cape Town South Africa, seems that we going on the same trip, my gf and friend will also be joining. This is our first trip with Topdeck and first Europe trip.

Looking forward to meeting everyone :blush:


Yeah it’s my first Topdeck but I’ve done similar trips solo before. Can’t wait! How about you, first Topdeck?


Hey, ah nice! I’ve never done a tour trip and it’s my first time solo. But I’m excited. Think it will be fun!


Hey that’s great. Can’t wait to meet everyone. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Mariana_Lucas im sure it will be. We very excited counting down the days, just not sure what to pack and if its going to be freezing


Haha anything and everything that is warm ! :joy: This is my first winter holiday :snowflake: