Winter Express Dec 2018?


Hi All

Is anyone going on the winter express next week, Dec 2018?
I’m coming from Australia and looking forward to the trip. Looking at the temps, mighty chilly haha



Hey Louise,

I’m going on the trip leaving on the 22nd, are you? London’s a far cry from the blue skies we’re having in NZ at the moment haha


Hi Jess

I’m starting the trip on the 20th from London. Where do you start from? I’m on the winter express tour, which are you on, is it the same or another tour?

Look forward to meeting you and the rest of the group. Same - its been relatively warm over here, i’m oddly looking forward to the cold weather. I’m trying to pack light but thinking that i’ll need a suitacse for my down jacket and thermals haha. I’m trying to do carry on only.


I am going for African trip for this winter.