Winter Express Dec 20 - 30 2018



This will be my first TopDeck tour, a friend and I are looking at doing a Winter Christmas/New Years (from Australia) and are looking at the Winter Express departing 20th December 2018.

It’s a long way out, but is anyone else interested in those dates? Hopefully there will be enough interest!

TIA, Chesh.


Hi Chesh…I am also planning the Winter Express tour from Australia during the same time…


Hi, I’m also looking at this, I was wondering if anyone else is going solo?


Hey Rosie,

I did this trip solo and it was great, just over half of the people were travelling solo :slight_smile:

I work at Student Flights so if you have any questions or need help booking, please feel free to send me an email at and I can send you info/photos or whatever you need :slight_smile:


I loved it last year! It was an amazing experience, no wonder that there are a lot of positive reviews in google. I recommend it to you and take more people on this trip! more fun :grin: Also I recommend to rent property in Norway in advance.


Great Date! I am also planning…


Hi I’ll be heading on the Winter Express in 8 days too, quite excited about going, its been nearly ten years since I last went to Europe.

I’m going solo, so look forward to meeting you all. I’m from Adelaide, South Australia.