Winter Express 9th March 2017


Hi guys

Anyone on this trip? Im from Cape Town, South Africa. Im landing in Paris on the 9th, anyone have any tips of the easiest and most cost effective way to travel from the Airport to the Hostil?


CostToTravel helps you in London related to travel ,hotel etc.


@PaulAnka thanks will check it out


Also SAn going on this trip but arriving on the 8th. It was recommended by a friend who went in Dec 16 that one uses the train. Will give exact instructions closer to the time?


Hi @Hope1

Thank you for your response. We flying out the 8th from Cpt to Dubai then landing in Paris the 9th at 8am. How about you? You should download the topdeck app. Alot of us are in the live chat


Will do, Thanks!

Will be leaving from Joburg, landing in Paris on the 8th.