Winter Express 30th December 2012


I know it’s super early, but just wondering if anyone is going on the Winter Express tour departing London 30th Dec 2012. On this tour we spend NYE in Paris so looking for something amazing to do. I’m 22 and my bf is 25. Anyone got ideas?


Hey I’m tempted to go, just hoping to hear if anyone has already been on it, would enjoy to hear their feedback!


Hey there!
There’s a few of us coming from Cape Town and going on the Winter Express leaving on 30 Dec. It’s 4 months away today so CANNOT WAIT!

About Paris for New Year, there’s always a massive party at the Eiffel Tower for big events. I was there for Bastille Day a few years ago and it was a cracker!

But I’m sure there will be many tourers contributing an opinion for that night so maybe others have better ideas :slight_smile:


I have just signed up for this trip - travelling by myself so hoping I get to spend New Year’s Eve with the others on the trip and want to join the Jungfrau excursion too. :slight_smile:


Hi all,

My boyfriend, Kenneth (27) and I (25) will be on this tour as part of our month is Europe. So excited and looking forward to meeting everyone else who is on the express. It will be nice to chat to all before the time so somewhat of camaraderie is formed before the tour. :slight_smile:




2 months 6 days :smiley: