Winter Express - 26th January 2017


Just a quick thread of all Topdeckers embarking on this trip next year to gather and get to know one another, would absolutely love to get to know a bit about you all and have a general group chat about anything and everything prior to this trip! :gift:


Nam, how are you? I will aslo be embarking on this trip from Paris. I am from South Africa.


Hey mate I’m not too bad. I’m from Sydney, Australia. Tell me a bit about yourself mate. (:


ah cool Down Under…I am a third year student. I major in Sciences and Language. Mate, where are you starting the trip ?


Hi guys, my best friend and I will also be joining you guys on this trip. We are from Brisbane, Australia :slight_smile:


2nd year student doing business/international studies, might change this to just business or drop international studies for medical science.

I’m getting a flight to London a day before I think. Going to meet up at the Hostel then head off to Paris where I’ll see you and whoever else is starting there? So keen for this trip. :slight_smile:


Hey Ash! Cool to have more Aussies on this trip! I’ll see you guys there. :slight_smile:


is there anybody that is joining in paris ?


Hi, my sister and I have just booked this trip. We’re from Perth, Australia :slight_smile:


Hey, Ive just booked this trip solo. From Sydney Australia. Any other solo travellers?


Hey Taylor, I’ve booked this trip solo too. I’m from Adelaide, Australia :slight_smile:


Hey Taylor, I’m originally from and departing Sydney also. :slight_smile:


Hello guys … i hope that you all are well :grinning: Is there anyone starting this trip from Paris ?


Is anyone esle departing from Amsterdam on the 2nd last day of the tour?