Winter Express 24 Nov- 4 Dec '16


Hi Everyone! :slight_smile:

I’m a solo female traveler going on this trip and hoping to chat to other’s going on this trip.
This is my first solo trip and I’m really excited but nervous at the same time :grin:

I would love to hear who else is going on this trip :slight_smile:



Hi Tayla,

I’m also a solo female traveler going on this trip! I’m from Adelaide, have bought a one way ticket so planning to be in the UK for a while after the tour :slight_smile:



Great to hear that there’s another solo female traveler joining the trip :slight_smile: looking forward to this trip and meeting you.

  • Tayla


Hey! I’m also taking part in this trip, I’m from Sydney Australia. This is my first solo trip too, so excited and slightly nervous :slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile: That’s great. Don’t worry about it we can be nervous and excited together :slight_smile: I’m from South Africa so it’s quite a big trip for me but I’m glad I won’t be alone.


Oh awesome you’re from South Africa! See you in London!


Hello! I’m looking at doing this tour and I’ll be coming solo also. I’m coming from New Zealand :slight_smile: I’ll let you know once I have booked!


Anyone have the Topdeck app? There’s a chat option on it :slight_smile:


Hello Tayla. I will also be attending this trip. I am a solo male from South Africa and will also be travelling for my first time alone. Can’t wait to meet everyone :slight_smile:


Hi Zandre :slight_smile: That’s great, a fellow South African. Looking forward to the trip and meeting everyone. You should download the Topdeck app it has a chat option as Grace mentioned and it’s easier to chat with everyone before the trip :slight_smile: