Winter Express 22 Nov


Hi is anyone going on the Winter Express from 22 Nov - 2 Dec? :slight_smile:



My friend and I may be leaving around then- we are booking tomorrow


Hi! I am - very excited! Already plotting what to wear in the extreme cold :slight_smile:


Hi guys! I’m doing this all by my lonesome, so excited though!! :slight_smile:


Hey guys! :slight_smile: My boyfriend and I are wanting to book for 22 nov but worried about the non guarenteed departure thing? Aren’t u guys worried the tour doesn’t happen?


Hey A! Yeah I am a little worried, especially cause the agent I booked through warned me to try and get a guaranteed departure! But in the end this is the one that suits my plan best so I thought I’d gamble and cross the non-departure bridge if it comes to it. I think they try and find another tour to rebook you on if they find they’re not going to run it?


So we also decided to just book for the same reasons. All we can do now is hope for the best :smiley: apparently only a few more people needed to guarantee departure. (so come on guys who are still thinking about booking!!)


My cousin and I cant wait. Fingers crossed that this becomes a definite departure soon ;D


Woo hoo it’s guaranteed departure now! Just had a look. Can’t wait, especially as I have lots of FB friends showing off amazing European summer pics at the moment! How’s the trip prep going all?


Yay this is the best news ever! I cant wait!!! Bought my snow jacket, thermal underwear, ear muffs and cloves. I am all set :wink:


Should be purchasing my trip soon, going to be traveling solo from Florida and spending a day in London before the trip staying at Clink78, will be my first time in Europe too! Hopefully I can book it sooner than later…


Im flying into london on 15th novemeber from Australia and staying at Clink78 with friends then topdecking it alone! should be amazingly fun!
…hope your all friendly! haha :slight_smile: (:


p.s…is europe really going to be that cold in november? lol i think im going to need a bigger backpack!


officially booked and counting the days…


Hi everyone only 46 days before our tour departs! Whoo Hoo so excited! :slight_smile:


Hey guys! I’ve booked this date too and extremely excited! I’m travelling by myself from Sydney and staying at the clink78 from the 20th. Can’t wait to meet you all soon.


Awesome! Ill be arriving at the clink on the 21st! There’s a couple of us on the topdeck meet app/FB page you should check it out


Booked on this trip! Looking forward to meeting you all!