Winter Express 17th - 27th November 2016


Hi Everyone,
I’ve booked this trip in November and wondering who else will be on it. I am a solo female traveler having a mini break from family life!! Whoo hooo!!!

I would love to hear who else is coming along on this trip! I cant’t wait!!!

Cheers, Caroline!


Hi Caroline!
I planned on doing a longer Topdeck with a friend to celebrate my 21st and she had to cancel. I’ve been looking at other options as i’m a bit cautious of travelling solo but I’m glad to see I won’t be the only one! Seriously considering this trip!!!


Also, I’m from New Zealand :slight_smile: Where are you from?


Hi Olivia! Well, I’ll definitely be on this tour of you decide to join!! I’m from Sydney.

I’ll be travelling solo for the first time in rather a long time and cannot wait!!

Let me know if you join!


Hey everyone,
I’m from Perth Australia I’ve booked this trip for November, it’s my first time traveling solo excited as! Looking forward to meeting people and making new friends! :slight_smile:


Hey Luke! Awesome, nice to see another solo! I’m so excited about this trip!!


Hey! I’m thinking to book this trip for that time frame and I’m a female looking to travel solo, I’ll let you know if i decide to go with this trip!


Hey! I’m also looking at doing this tour, I’m from Geelong in Australia and it will be my first time travelling solo, it’s nice to know theres a few others going solo as well :slight_smile: keen to meet plenty of new people!!


Cool! Looks like there are going to be a good number of us not knowing anyone! Let us know if you decide to join!!


Hey!! I have booked this trip and i’ll also be travelling solo, I’m from Australia! Can’t wait ! :slight_smile:


Officially booked this trip!


Exciting!! Where are you from Alyssa?


Booked it in now! looking forward to meeting you all :slight_smile:


I’m from Toronto Canada! Has anyone downloaded the top deck app?


Hi All,

I have just booked this trip for November, I am also a solo female traveller from Sydney.

Looking forward to meeting you all!!

Super excited!

Cheers Nikki