Winter Express 13th Dec


Hey everyone just wondering who’s going on the Winter Express leaving 13th of Dec??



Hi Megan :slight_smile:

I have just booked for this tour, so i will be there!


hey megan and maxine!

My friend Dani and I just booked this tour today! We will be joining from paris though. Can’t wait to meet you both! So excited!

From Amy ;D


Awesome! Can’t wait to meet everyone :smiley:

And just wondering what visas have you guys applied for? They’re so confusing!


Yay :slight_smile: i cant wait!

I dont think we actually need any visas because Australia is covered by that European agreement.


Hey guys, Me and a friend Emily are also joining in Paris, we actually had no idea about Visas!! :o


Hi Guys

I have booked on this tour (13th Dec) also. I’m so excited to meet you all, we’ll have an amazing time.

Megan I am also 20 from Brisbane too :slight_smile:

The travel agent said there are no visas needed but I thought that sounded a bit odd but I am not sure either.



Woo hoo it’s so soon! Very excited

Ainsley that’s awesome, where abouts in Brissy are you from?

Double checked with the travel agent, we won’t need any Visas for this trip. :slight_smile:


That’s great news about the VISA - makes things super easy.

I live in Enoggera. What about you?


Hello! I will be on this trip too! Really excited to meet you all! :slight_smile:


Oh cool, I live in Bracken Ridge on the north side.

Not long to go now!