Winter Express 12th Jan - 22nd Jan


Hey, I’m a young, female solo traveller who is visiting Europe for the first time.
Just wanted to see if anybody was interested in this trip and perhaps would be keen on getting to know each other beforehand?
Very excited to get to know new people and adventure!


Hey Grace, my name is Emily and I’m too a young female solo traveller!
Am really keen to get to know some people beforehand, would love to get chatting with you! :slight_smile:


Are you planning to do this trip also???


Yes, I booked it today! :slight_smile:


How exciting! where about are you from?


Have you booked these dates too? I’m from Perth, Australia :slight_smile: what about you?


Yes I have! I’m from Sydney, Australia :slight_smile:


I am also going to be on this tour! :blush:


Yass! Do you guys have Facebook? :blush:


Yes!!! Add me Emily Tidswell :slight_smile:


Hi Grace! My name is Taylah and I am also going on this tour :slight_smile: I will be coming with my friend Sarah, we are young Australian females and would love to get to know people before the trip :slight_smile: Any of you are welcome to add me on Facebook; Taylah Matthews (from Adelaide, Australia) and/or you can add Sarah, Sarah Chenery (from Darwin, Australia) :slight_smile: We look forward to meeting you all on the tour :slight_smile:



Im Jess, going solo, also visiting Europe for the first time and from Vancouver, Canada! Would love to get to know all of you prior to the trip. Feel free to add me on Facebook as well.

Jess Hoang


Hey Jess! I have tried finding you on facebook but haven’t had any luck. what does your profile picture look like? (might ake it easier to find you :slight_smile:)


Hey guys! My best friend Inushi and I (my name’s Michelle) are going on this tour too. :slight_smile: We’re from Victoria, Aus! This is our first time solo travelling and even though we get lost using public transport in Aus, we’re keen to get lost with everyone on the tour hahaha


Its nice plan you think and I will try to visit a trip in Europe as soon as possible.


My Dream Destination is Mauritius