Winter Express 01 December 2016 - 11 December 2016


Hi everyone. My friend and I are doing the winter express tour from the 1st to the 11th of December 2016 and our starting point is London. Are there any other travellers doing the same trip? We would like to meet some people doing the same one. We are from Cape Town, South Africa.


I’ve just booked onto this trip! I’m from Australia and am doing the trip solo!


Hi Gabby. Great to see theres others also doing this trip.
Is this the first trip you have done?

We super excited!!


yes it will be my first trip! what about you? I’m excited but also nervous as its my first ever solo trip!


This will be my first Topdeck trip. Ive done many other trips before, such as New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia and Ireland

No need to be nervous. Are you on facebook then we could see more about each other there.


Oh I’ve done other overseas trips before too but this is my first topdeck tour trip! Haha! Yes, I have Facebook it’s just - Gabby Atkinson !


Hi, I have also booked to go on this trip. First solo overseas trip. I’m from Scotland :slight_smile:


G’day all! Just booked on to this trip last night as work finally gave me some leave haha. Not my first solo trip but complete newbie to europe! I’m Michael Zadravec on Facebook, also using the Topdeck app if anyone is on there. Can’t wait to get over there!