'Winter Expedition' tour - January 24th, 2017 - February 20th, 2017


Hey! My name’s Chris - I thought that I’d kick-start the chat for those on the Winter Expedition tour, from January 24th to February 20th, 2017. I hope you’re all well - looking forward to hearing from you. :sunglasses:


Hey Chris. I’m Kim, I’ll be doing part of the tour. Where are you from?


Hey, Kim. How’s it going? Thanks for the message. :slight_smile:

I’m from Melbourne, Australia. Whereabouts are you from?


Hey Chris, small world I’m from Gippsland. Are you traveling with friends? Kim


Hey guys I’m Charlie and I’m on this tour aswell :slight_smile: a few of us have got a chat going on the topdeck app if you feel like having a look at that!


I’ll be travelling solo on this one! :slight_smile: You?


Hey! I found the app! Sent a couple of messages before. :slight_smile:


Ill look for the app then