Winter Expedition Feb 6th to March 5th 2018?



Im Rach and I’m doing the winter expedition in feb, on my own so wont know anyone and possibly a little nervous as its my first BIG trip.
Anyone else doing it to?

Rach :smiley:


Hi Rach

I am also doing this tour with my husband!
Where are you from?


oh cool!

im from NZ, how about you?


AUS,neighbours! Lol

Getting a bit close now. Are you excited


aw nice…
yup very! i land in london on the 2nd, leave here on the 1st
so cant wait

are you guys excited?


Yep I think we land either on the 2nd or 3rd. Can’t remember. It’s only a few weeks away. We’re super excited. Definitely cool that we already know someone too


oh nice
are you starting at the meeting hotel when you land?


oh and yes, so good to know someone before
coming up fast


Nah staying over at Paddington and staying there the night before


It’s the best western burns hotel yeah?


oh nice and yeap the western burns


Cool. Yeah I’ve just booked the night before. Do you have to share a room while on the tour?


the night before should be included in the tour booking?

i think i have to share, wont find out until that day though i guess


Getting closer, getting excited, well kinda, doesn’t feel real yet