Winter Expedition ~ Dec 6th 2016 - Jan 2 2017


Hey Topdeckers!

My boyfriend and I are booked on the Winter Expedition Tour departing London on the 6th December 2016. Would love to know who else has booked? Anyone interested in skiing?

Counting down to December! :smiley:

Sydney, Australia



Yes yes! my boyfriend and I are also doing this tour but we will Be starting in Paris :slight_smile: super keen to go skiing! And we are also from Sydney, Australia.


Woohoo! Nice to meet you!! :slight_smile: We too are starting the tour in Paris, but will be spending some time in London before the trip.
Good to know there are some other skiers to buddy up with on the slopes too!



My husband and I are booked on this tour too and starting from London, and we’re doing the same by staying in London a couple of days before the trip starts just to get our bearings.
I’m so keen for skiing or snowboarding, I haven’t decided which yet :slight_smile:

We’re heading over from Tasmania, Australia for our first European holiday!

So excited for December!!!