Winter Expedition 27th Dec 2016


Hey! My friend and i just booked this tour leaving on the 27th December. Just wondering if anyone else has booked this tour?? :grinning: :


My friend and I have also booked this trip! Very excited and hoping the next 6 months speeds by.


That’s great! Makes me feel better knowing that other people have booked haha. Yeah i definitely hope so because right now it feels so far away. Can’t wait!


My partner and I are both booked on the same trip! so excited!!!


Sounds fabulous! Have you received any tips/hints on what to pack? Money? Best form of cards to use?


Can’t wait not as long to go now! When i went to europe last time i used a citibank plus everyday debit card because it had no international fees and it worked pretty well but most people had a prepaid money card of some sort if that helps :slight_smile: I’m struggling with how many warm clothes i need, trying to stock up in the sales now haha.


Hey guys

My friend and i are doing this tour too! We are soo excited to do it! Not long now!!


Hi everyone,
my partner and I are booked on this as well


Hi There! My partner and I are booked on this trip as well :slight_smile: Looking forward to meeting you all.