Winter Expedition 21 Nov 17 - 18 Dec 17


Hey Topdeckers! My boyfriend and I have just booked. Keen to know who else has!


Hi! My fiancé and I are also booked on this trip :slight_smile:


My fiancée and I are booked on this trip and so has my bestfriend and her boyfriend :slight_smile:


Still feels like forever away! Where is everyone travelling from??


We are from Melbourne.
Where are you coming from?

We are all getting so excited of it!


We’re from Brisbane :smile:


Hey everyone I’ll be joining you all on this trip too I’ll be coming from the Sunshine Coast I am 26 now will be 27 when we go and will have just finished my first year at uni so this trip will be a great way to celebrate and this will be my first time to Europe I’ll also be flying into Paris and out of Amsterdam


It will be here before we know it!


Hey guys! I’m on this trip also. I’m from Brisbane too!