Winter Expedition 20/12/16 - 16/01/17


Hey all,

Me and three friend have just booked the Winter Expedition trip from 20 Dec 16 - 16 Jan 17 and we are sooooo excited!! We’re all first timers to Europe and are ready to make the most of this trip!

I can’t seem to find a facebook group for the tour yet so I thought this was the next best place!

Make yourself known if you’re heading on this huge adventure, hope you’re as excited as we are!!

Dani! Xx


Hi Dani,

My boyfriend and I have also booked this trip. It’ll be the first time overseas for both of us but we’re super excited!

I know if you download the Topdeck app and sign in, there’s a group chat there that’s only for people who’ve booked the same trip. Just in case you wanted to give that a try, last time I looked though there were no posts.

Can’t wait to meet you and all your friends!

Vannah x


Hey Vannah!

Thanks for that, I had no idea about the app!! I’ll sign in and throw a post up to hopefully start some ‘banter’ before we all meet up in London!! Haha

PS, I saw your post on what type of jacket we need and I am so worried about the cold too!!

Dani xx


Hi Dani and vannah !
Myself and my fiancé will be on this trip and cannot wait ! First time in Europe also :slight_smile: looking forward to meeting heaps of people and having an awesome time
I downloaded the app last week and posted in the chat but nothing back yet haha

Countdown is on :slight_smile:



Hey guys!

I posted in the app yesterday after I got it up and running - I had no idea there was even an app for the trip! I’ve got my friends also getting the app so hopefully they’ll throw up a couple posts!

I can’t wait until more people start logging on and introducing themselves, it makes it all the more exciting! :slight_smile: