Winter Expedition 11th Dec 16 - 9th Jan 17



I’m Nivekta from Canberra, Australia.
I’m travelling solo and am super excited!
Is anyone else doing this tour??


Do you mean Winter Expedition leaving on the 13th Dec - 9th Jan? Cause if so, my friend and I are booked on that tour and we are from Melbourne, Australia!
Also super excited. The countdown is on.


Yes the 13th sorry! Looking forward to meeting both of you! :slight_smile:


It so exciting, just over 5 months to go! How old are you? I will be 24 and my friend, whos name is Rachael will be 23. :slight_smile:


Not long to go at all! Im 22 :slight_smile: what type of bag are you taking on the tour? Like a suit case or duffel type bag?


Awesome. Probably a suitcase but i havnt really looked into it with too much detail yet! Are you having any time in London beforehand?


My partner and I are coming on this tour, can’t wait to make some awesome new friends :slight_smile: we are travelling from the gold coast.


Oh! Exciting! Sound like we are well and truly getting Aus covered!


Hey Guys and Gals! My wife and I are booked in for the same tour. Looking forward to meeting everyone! First big trip together so heaps keen. :grin::grin:


We’re from Brisbane


My partner and I are booked for this tour! We are coming from Wollongong (just south of Sydney). Anybody else starting in Paris??? :slight_smile: Can’t wait to meet everyone


My partner and I are coming and we’re coming from Mackay! Don’t know how we will go with the cold :snowflake:


Hey! Im Rachel and Im from NZ! Living over in the UK at the moment but super excited for this trip and to meet new people!


Hey mates - my husband Jerimiah and I are joining this trip too. Heaps of couples by the sounds of it haha! Can’t wait :slight_smile:


Hey guys I created a Facebook group that we can all join and chat in!
Here’s the link: