Winter Expedition 10th Jan '17


Hi all, I was just wondering who else was doing the Winter Expedition trip Jan 10- Feb 6th 2017? I’m travelling alone and was just wanting to get to know some people before I go :slight_smile:


Hi Bec!

My partner and I have booked this trip and it’s our first time travelling to Europe so we’re really excited! We’re both 24 and from Sydney.


It’s my first time to Europe too!
I’m 18, and I’m a couple hours south of Melbourne


Awesome! Now I know someone! Where are you buying a winter coat? As in, what store? I’m having a bit of trouble because friends and family are insisting that I buy a waterproof coat and I’m trying to find one before all the sales end.


There’s also an app for topdeck and it has a group chat too.
I haven’t got one yet :joy: I’ve been looking around, Kathmandu are having a sale, so I thought I might get one from there


Hi! I’m thinking of going on this trip and wanted to see who else was too. I’ll be 18 and travelling alone as well :slight_smile: