Winter european wonder 5 november 2008


Hi Guys,[br]Just wanted to know if anyone else has booked this tour yet???;D[br]Wondering if anyone would like to meet up for a few drinks (or many) the night before we leave. Anyways would be great to chat to people on or who have done this tour before.[br][br]I can’t wait - really looking forward to it.[br][br]Have a good one.[br]Amber:)


I did it in summer this year and had a ball, I’m sure you will have just as much fun on the winter tour, don’t try to save your money spend it on whatever you want when you’re over there, buy heaps of stuff to remember your holiday and take heaps of photos, we ended up taking about 2000 (not keeping them all of course but this way we can sift through them and pick out the best.[br][br]European Wonder 16th July.[br][br]A bad day on holidays is still better than a good day at work!!!