Winter European Getaway 31st January


Hiyas![br][br]Its probably too early to start this, but my friend and I have been booked on since April so I am sick of waiting![br][br]Anyone else booked on to go on this tour? :-[


My mate and i have booked this tour as well. Counting down the days!


Hey Scotty![br][br]So whereabouts are you and your friend from? My friend and I are from the Gold Coast. You travelling around the UK before the trip?


hey my mate and i are from newcastle. We are staying in london for a week before the trip!


Hi, [br][br]I am going on this tour with my bf:o) [br][br]Not long to go now, its going to be soo cold


Hey Kay-Leigh[br][br]Did you get my last msg in the other topic? Have u got facebook or myspace?


Hey Catherine, [br][br]Yeh I did get your last msg, thanks for the great info :o) [br][br]I work full time in a office, so boring ![br][br]So are you studying? [br][br]I have myspace but I can’t remember my link (and I can’t access myspace atm work has blocked it) if you want give me your link and I can add you :o)[br][br][br]Only 59 days till i leave Perth :o) ;D


Anyone else going on this tour ?


Hmm, well looks as though there are 6 of us on the tour…so at least we can spread out! ha ha ha![br][br]Kay-Leigh if you click on my name (sunnybubba) it should show you my facebook and myspace link, i’m sure i added them…?[br][br]I am just finishing up at uni, 8 years, 4 degrees, 1 nervous breakdown…i still have a thesis to finish so i ain’t getting excited just yet![br][br]Katie and I leave in just under 3 weeks…scary!


3 weeks that’s scary! We leave in about 5 weeks I have so many things I need to get! [br][br]I bet you will be glad to go on a holiday after 8 years of Uni! What do you have a degree in?[br][br]I can’t wait to have time off work, going to be so good[br][br]I will add you too myspace tonight :o) [br][br]Scotty - When do you leave Australia ?


Hey i leave around the 18th-20th of january and staying in london and going to wales, scotland, ireland before the trip quickly! Seriously can’t wait!


Hey Scott,[br][br]I leave Perth on the 6th and i am going to Scotland and England first i cant wait either !!Where abouts in Scotland are you going ?[br][br]Its going to be sooo cold ha ha [br]


We are staying with my mates relatives and his cousin who is in charge of the entire UK police force is going to take us around everywhere so we not sure yet lol! yeah i know its gonna be heaps cold but i love winter coz i snowboard so i cant wait!


Thats cool, well you better be on your best behaviour then ha ha [br][br]Is this your first trip overseas?[br][br]How old are you guys? [br][br]Yeh I can’t wait to go skiing and snowboarding I am going to a ski resort in Scotland for a week after the trip ![br][br]I wonder if it just going to be the 6 of us on this tour ? [br];D;D;D[br][br]32 Days untill i leave and only 15 more days of work left !!![br]


Hey nah ive been overseas to japan, indonesia before and my mates been through some of europe before! We’re both 19! I don’t think i will get any snowboarding in coz i need to be back straight after trip to go to uni! I went to perisher for a week this year and going back there next winter and then maybe japan next summer! lol cant wait not long now really :slight_smile:


Hey Guys, I haven’t been on here for a while, but thought i would have a quick look to see whats been going on. Catherine and I leave in 5 Days to start our holiday!! excitement!! Found out last week from topdeck that our tour is booked out- so at least we know there will be more than the 6 of us!


5 days, you guys must be so excited !! We leave in 26 days that AGES away. I can’t wait… [br][br][br]Where are you going to be on Christmas and New year?[br][br][br][br]


Hey, [br][br]Just seeing if there is anyone coming on this tour ? I leave Perth on Sunday, YEHHHH [br][br]


Hi guys my name is Alejandro (pronounced “Ah-leh-han-dro”), but because I was born in Perth, Australia, most people just call me Alex or Ali. [br][br]Shall be joining all yall on my lonesome self in what promises to be a grand adventure throughout Europe. I?m getting seriously pumped too…[br][br]Left Australia at the end of November, ?07. Currently I?m in South America but heading to freezing Europe on the 24th Jan. Be staying at the Globetrotter Inn three nights before the tour starts.[br][br]Anybody else staying there??


My mate and I will be staying there the night before the trip! So pumped!