Winter European Getaway- 10th Jan


Hi! Just wondering who else maybe on this tour?


Hi Pineapple,[br][br]Seen your message, we are also on the tour leaving the 10th January.[br]We are having a few days in London and Scotland beforehand, when do you arrive?[br]We live in Tasmania, and got married recently so this will be our honeymoon! Cant wait![br]Look forward to hearing from you[br]Danielle and Stuart


Hey guys i’m vic from New Zealand. Getting real excited about the trip although not sure going from summer to winter is such a good idea right now! I’m on my way to Kuwait for a bit tomorrow then headn to London for a few days so i guess i’ll see you guys the night before the trip at GLobetrotters :slight_smile: Or at the bar if i don’t quite make the meeting!!


hey there, great to hear that there are some Aussies and NZ’s on the tour. I am currently in Holland and will head to London on Wed- see you at the Globetrotters! Can’t wait