Winter Europe tours


Hi guys,

I’m going on the winter spirit tour in january and I’m a bit unsure about sleeping bags.

I’m thinking of getting a more compact sleeping bag, though i was wondering if I need to fit this inside or attach it to my suitcase and include it as part of the luggage limit or if this can be separate from the suitcase?

Nat :slight_smile:


Also the sleeping bag I have at home is one of the warm ones, though it is quite chunky when its in the bag, will this be a problem or should I look for a more compact one?


Hi Natalie,

You can bring your sleeping bag separately, it doesn’t have to fit inside your pack and is not counted in the main luggage limit. Each person is allowed 1 item of standard size luggage, plus a day pack, plus a sleeping bag!

Happy packing! :slight_smile:

Topdeck Team